Flourish Women

Hello Beautiful!

This is your invitation to come and be a part of a movement of ordinary, everyday women who love Jesus and desire to grow in Him together. Our purpose is to encourage and equip women to flourish in every season of life and make a difference in their world. We have large gatherings that meet every 4-6 weeks as well as women?s connect groups that meet weekly each semester. These are great opportunities to find community and be refreshed.

My vision for Flourish is this…

I see women of all ages, generations and backgrounds coming together with the focus of knowing Jesus and making Him known in their world.

I see women strengthening each other, encouraging one another, and doing life together. Not in competition, but women who hold each other up, encourage and pray for each other, and sharpen one another.

Women with the word of God on their lips. Strong in Him. Not perfect, but humbly dependent on Him.

Women of worship. Women who worship through the storms, tests and trials of life.

Women of justice. Women who stand up for what is right, who defend the helpless.

Women with a heart of compassion for their community and the world. Women not afraid to get their hands dirty helping others. Wo class="text-italic"men who love, give, and forgive.

Women who are brave and bold in their witness. They are like an army equipped in all spheres of society, making a difference in their world. They are dangerous to the enemy. They are a solution to the issues of this world.

Women who are planted, rooted in Christ and FLOURISH in every season of life!

This is what I see for the women of Orlando and for those who connect with Flourish. We are better together! This is not a clique or a club. This is a company of women, a sisterhood, who are doing life together and pursing God?s purpose. I hope you will join us at one of the upcoming gatherings listed here. It won?t be the same without you!

Know today that you are loved, valued, accepted, chosen and called by God for a special purpose. It?s time to arise and shine!

With Love,
Pastor Sarah Wehrli

Contact us for more information at flourish@victoryorlando.com.